Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The first day of something new always makes me feel excited!  New job, new classroom, new school year; they have all contributed to my positive anticipation.  I get jittery.  In a good way though.  Nervous excitement my mom used to say.  Then she'd say, "settle down!"  But I just can't!

Today is like that for me.  This is the first day of my new blog!  I am celebrating 30 years of educating our future citizens by going public with the gems I have gathered while learning along the Way.  Time to time not only will I give away my favorite resources but I will literally give a copy to a lucky follower.

Before you want to follow someone you want to know if there's any reason to right?  So I thought you might like to know a little bit more about me and my learning than what the About Me section says.

I love to have fun!  It's very important to me that my students (adults included!) have fun while they are learning.  I have been known to stand on the desk in a 5th grade classroom and ask the students to tell me what they know about gravity before walking off the desk.  Odd?  Perhaps.  But memorable and fun for sure.  Do I have stories to tell?

I ran into a parent of a former student in town recently, (not literally!) after her daughter had graduated from Hastings Law School, and she made a point to tell me I am still her daughter's favorite teacher.  This is a gift I never anticipated when I started this educational journey.  I guess the consumers are the truest test over time.

I have been a wife to two different men (not at the same time!) and have learned A LOT about marriage through those experiences!  And a lot about me, too. Best thing for a marriage: a tandem bicycle.  More on that later...

I am a mom of two sons.  Both are still in school: one in college and one in high school.  And yes I started a family late!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their educational journeys and have lots to share on how to be a good supporter to a classroom teacher from both sides of the table!  Not only that, I home schooled each of them for 4 years so I know the joys, frustrations and exhaustion of being both parent and teacher to one's children.  Lots of anecdotes to share!

I better stop before I inundate you with 53 years of life all at once!  If you're interested in learning, and you like to have fun, then join me in this journey!  I have a little "gift" to my first 10 followers who decide to join in the fun!

So come on, let's go...


  1. Ah, the dawning of a new blog! How exciting!
    I guess it wouldn't be fair to jump in as one of the first 10 followers (not eligible for family, employees, or affiliates...) So I will just leave this comment: Have fun!

  2. Congratulations, Lisa! What a fun time in your life.

  3. I am encouraged about re-starting my own blog! I only made one entry and never went back--did not think I had enough to share that anyone would be interested in reading. I will rethink that issue now. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  4. This is exciting! I love you, Miss Lisa, and miss being around you, so this is the next best thing. I enjoy reading your tidbits and always get a little something I can copy...ahem...use. I've been thinking about redoing my blog. Maybe soon. Until then, I'll enjoy reading yours and other friends' blogs.

  5. yay!! i love this :) really looking forward to reading, lisa!

  6. This is a good thing, Lisa! You have much to give. I look forward to the read "along the way!"